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All prices are per hour and correct as of 1 October 2020:


£25.00 (Ad-hoc bookings / non organisational)


Children (Under 16)

£20.00 (Cubs, BB's, Birthday Parties etc)



£15.00 (Local football teams)


* Local organisations (Scone & Balbeggie) can book up to two months in advance


Floodlight Tokens

Light tokens will be made available to users prior to playing and are included in the cost of the booking.


The token when inserted in the token meter at the front of the court will operate the floodlights for one hour.


All lights will be extinguished automatically at 9:30pm.


Paying for your booking

Preferred payment should be by bank transfer payable to the Scone Village Association.

Account details will be made available to users upon confirmation of booking.

The named person who makes the booking will be solely responsible for the payment of the hire fees.

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